Language Enrichment & Corporate Communication Program

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Instructors: Bhuvaneshwari V.


Why LECCP is the Only Solution to Solve your Communication Problem?

Ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important elements in corporate career and the key ingredient of Success Recipe across fields. Strong communication is driver of your ability to inspire, influence, develop & transfer confidence, motivate people, display compassion, caste the vision and much more. Effective communication fosters the development of building trust with others, and it is the best way to employ trust through communication. It also encourages innovation, enables brainstorming, and share ideas at the workplace, without being judged or condemn; along with creating clarity in workflow and augments accountability.

With rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation and Robotics;

  • 800 Mn Jobs will be displaced by 2030
  • 375 Mn people will have to shift their jobs completely
  • 50% of employed manpower will have to re-skill to survive in this competition.

Being proficient communicator will aid to position oneself for promotional opportunities and survive the deadly wave of technology that is about to replace the human power. Effective communication is ART but misunderstood as a personality trait which is in build in few influential people, however the fact is, it’s a skill that can be learned by everyone and gain mastery.

The Language Enrichment & Corporate Communication Program (LECCP) is exclusively designed by Magic Institute of Excellence (MIE) that encompasses 360-degree insights into corporate communication along with language development that can help candidates to build proficiency in business language and gain command over corporate communication, propelling their career dynamics.

What Makes Us Different

Irrespective of being a student or a professional, a homemaker or a businessman, having a par business communication is a need of an hour. This certification program will help candidates to:

📌 Build a Charismatic Personality & improvise on Cross-Culture Interactions Boost confidence from an inside-out approach by building – Self Esteem, Self-expression, and Self Clarity Apply design principles for improvising readability, clarity, and consistency 
📌 Learn the Art of Impromptu communication by setting the right contextual frame and Purpose

📌 Expand your English vocabulary

📌 Improve your ability to write and speak in English in both social and professional interactions 

📌 Learn terminology and skills that you can apply to business negotiations and professional presentations. 

📌 Elevate your skills for Virtual meetings and telephonic conversation · Persuasive Writing/communication will help you to present ideas more effectively 
📌 Psychometric assessments will allow a scientific way of self-introspection 
📌 Identify the type of leader in them and nurture various types of leadership to ensure long term success in their career


Communication needs to have progressive approach where learning should take place step-by-step. This ensures a long-term transformative mindset towards learning, resulting into permanent growth in areas of English Language development and Business Communication. Biggest mistakes people commit in the learning curve of business communication, is by skipping the steps assuming they know things. This transactional approach results into surface level learning and not in-depth.LECCP Program designed by MIE has a progressive learning approach which ensures that the learning curve is propelled by-degree, carefully and slowly. The complete program is divided into three parts that will ensure cover 360 Degree Experience Learning in 3 different Levels:

Mind Couch

This module will touch base on all fundamental aspects and lay a strong foundation to be able to interact in day-to-day lives using correct grammar along with holding a conversation in English effectively to connect and build rapport. A smart vocabulary part will be a cheery on the pie

Focus Crunch

This module entails all the intermediate characteristics that will take a one step ahead in augmenting overall communication by surpassing the basics aspects. From initiating small talks to making first impression, it will aid in professional networking

Omni Propel

The candidates will experience velocity & momentum in their communication transformation process. Advance Techniques will ensure that all the essentials of corporate communication like cracking interviews, handling meetings, etc. are being leveled up 

Course Curriculum

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