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Interview Masterclass

Handle Stress Interview Like a Pro...!!!

Language: English

Instructors: Prathamesh Veling & Bhuvaneshwari V.


A Candidate has only 120 seconds to create an impactful first impression in the minds of interviewer. However, they brutally fail in the same by not understanding the mindset of recruiter and keep on covering the lipstick work that the traditional system has fed in the mind. Research shows that around 75% of the candidates miss on important opportunity due to lack of self-awareness as well as mindset of the recruiter. As company can easily find out qualified candidate in today’s economy, they are looking for the following 2 factors in candidate viz.

Learning Mindset: As candidates complete their formal education, which takes them through the theoretical journey; candidates need to be taught how to practically implement things. A candidate with a learning mindset can easily be trained, groomed, and mentored which will help the company grow along with their self-growth

Experiencial Appetite: Being conditioned with theoretical processes, candidates tend to lose their creativity further losing the appetite to try something new, experiment and find innovative solutions. Hence, companies are looking for candidates who has the appetite to experiment and come up with innovative solutions

Surprisingly interviewers gage both the factors in just 120 seconds of the interview. That means, the candidates are shortlisted on the basis of the question handling and situation tackling ability rather than scores gained in past 20 years of educational journey.

This program has beautifully woven top 17 questions that recruiters ask along with finely crafted way to handle questions flawlessly to create an impactful impression. It is the best way to eliminate interview fear and handle the stress interview like a pro.

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This Program is for the One Who

Wondering how to answer

 "Tell me something about yourself"

Wants to tactfully hide weakness

Postion themselves with precision and premiumness

Looking for a high paying job

Scared to undergo stress interview

Get job in your dream company

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Meet Your Trainers

Prathamesh Veling

Entrepreneur | Strategist | Trainer | Student of Leadership

(Engineering Instrumentation | MA - Eco | MA - Psy | MBA - Marketing)

Bhuvaneshwari V.

English Language Trainer | Soft Skills Facilitator | Communication Trainer 

(MA - English | TISS Certified Coporate Trainer)

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